2017: Take a deep breath, here we go.

There is a certain stigma that now surrounds the New Year’s Resolution, reserved only -it seems- for faddy diets and promises of being a “better” person, by whatever self imposed benchmark we choose. People make promises and then swiftly begin the countdown to their inevitable failure. Ever the optimist, though, I wholeheartedly embrace the clean slate of opportunity that January 1st brings. As December draws in with its hurried deadlines, dragging the exhausted weight of four months since the last Bank Holiday behind it, I focus on the new, the promising, the incredible things I’m determined to achieve in the next 12 month slice of my life.

I’ve refined my resolutions over the years, however, and for the past few years I’ve been following Gretchen Rubin’s wonderful advice to pick a word to symbolise your goals, rather than an action oriented to do list. With that in mind, this year I chose: Mindful Focus (because, if you know me, you’ll know I could never limit myself to just one word…)

2017 theme: Mindful Focus

2017 theme: Mindful Focus

The small print? I, of course, broke it down into sub-sections (I’m only human!):

Self nurturing: physical and emotional, long- term change

Career development: skills development, portfolio building and continuous improvement

Sustainable life choices: transition without guilt or judgement

Points one and two I’ve been working on for some time now, and am confident that this will be the year of significant, positive change. The third component of my personal development trifecta is what I’ll develop here, and I’m asking for your help in pointing me in the direction of motivating forces amid what I can only describe as a hurricane of conflicting information!

I know I want to lessen my environmental impact and contribute however possible to better social conditions worldwide, and this is the year that I fully begin that journey. Does anyone have a map?

Deep breath. Here we go…



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