Green Living Product Review: Urban Planty

When I started Rightly or Leftly way back in the summer, it was partly because I was frustrated that big corporations were seemingly monopolising every marketplace with little regard to sustainability or ethical practices. The more I have researched into this, the more I’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of small businesses trying to buck the trend! I want this blog to be a big flashy billboard for the good guys- the small fish in a big pond trying to make waves. I’ve already reviewed ethical technology in my Fairphone 2 post; am still enjoying the moisturising decadence of ethical Camel Milk Soap; and waxed lyrical about power of crowdfunding, particularly in the case of the eco-friendly revolution that is the Nebia shower (still fighting the urge to buy one until I have my own place!). This week, I’m happy to be shining the spotlight on the Urban Planty– which is crowdfunding on Kickstarter right now! (Go fund them now! You can read this later! 😉 )

Green living product review_Urban Planty

What is Urban Planty?

Urban Planty is a unique, patented vertical gardening system. The team have developed a telescopic stand that will fit almost any balcony or windowsill, allowing even the most spatially-challenged home an opportunity to grow their own fresh produce. As a house-sharer- soon to be renter of a cardboard box sized apartment almost definitely without a garden-I love the idea that I can fix a garden to a windowsill and still grow fresh basil to scatter over my stove simmered pasta sauces. I want to artistically scatter ever plate i cook with confetti of fragrant green herbs; but I don’t want to keep buying them in packets from the supermarket* only for half to wilt away sadly in the fridge. Urban Planty, it seems, has me covered.

I’m going to point you right over to the Urban Planty Kickstarter page at this point; as I’ve swiftly realised that I want to share each and every infographic that the team has put together. The product really screams “why hasn’t this been thought of before?”.


This weekend, I sneakily shared a teaser on Instagram of the Urban Baggy the team kindly sent me to review. I was so excited I tore into the packaging a bit too eagerly and ended up having to re-tie the pretty ribbon before photographing (#bloggerlife).


The Urban Baggy unit fits neatly within the eco-friendly jute bag for delivery, and opening it out, we can see three components that slot simply together (fitting the jute around the base on the right can be fiddly due to the elasticated bottom, but that just ensures you don’t end up with soil everywhere!).


Ta-dah! My baggy was assembled within a minute or so, and is a lot bigger than I anticipated. I’d say you could grow a substantial plant (ideally edible, of course) in this with no worry of crowding of the roots or shoots!IMG_4547

A few things in particular endeared me to the Urban Planty system:

  • They are a small business trying to make a change. 
  • They encourage people to grow their own small herb/ vegetable gardens and enjoy the satisfaction and health benefits of fresh produce, whilst acknowledging that it’s not practical for everyone to own their own small holding. As someone who travels a lot with work, the reason I haven’t grown my own mini kitchen garden before now is primarily because I don’t want to come back after a two week trip to see that everything has shrivelled through undernourishment and dehydration. The moisture retaining jute, simple reservoir system and automatic watering system have given me hope that even I could succeed in not killing everything off through neglect!
  • The Urban Planty team acknowledge the impact any kind of production can have on the environment and work with 100% organic jute and recycled materials. Eco love always gets bonus points in my book.
  • They’re really stylish! I can imagine an Urban Planty garden sprucing up a balcony at a chic bachelor pad in Kensington, or providing rich pickings for young, curious children in the kitchen of a suburban terrace in the Valleys. I love the contrast between the durable plastic reservoir and the natural, rustic jute (which the team are even happy to provide you with a sewing pattern for once it has worn out after 1-2 growing seasons- no holding you to ransom like many big corporations do!).

*Unfortunately I live in the UK, not beautiful Slovenia, and so this review was somewhat “staged” with a potted coriander plant from the supermarket (which I fully expect to succumb to either death-by-central heating, or frost, within a week.). Delivery for the crowdfunding though, is estimated to be April, which will be peak growing season here, and I’m so excited to try out my new Urban Planty garden when it arrives!!

Please help us spread the word about the Urban Planty garden and get this amazing project fully funded before the 19th December! Support small business; live a bit greener, and enjoy the fruits (and veg) of your contribution next summer!

LittleWelsh x


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