Prague: A Photo Post

Prague_ photo post If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that I’m currently in beautiful, underrated Timisoara in Romania for a conference with work. Life has been pretty hectic these past few weeks, so I on Monday I put together a quick photo post for Budapest, as a teaser of what was to come when I actually have time to sit and write about my amazing trip! I thought I’d do the same for Prague, which was absolutely picture perfect in every way thanks in part to the wonderfully vivid autumnal colours! (Crunchy leaves underfoot: aaaaaah!)

Prague_ photo post2 Prague_ photo post3 Prague_ photo post4 Prague_ photo post5 Prague_ photo post6 Prague_ photo post7 Prague_ photo post8 Prague_ photo post9 Prague_ photo post10 Prague_ photo post11 Prague_ photo post12 Prague_ photo post13 Prague_ photo post14 Prague_ photo post15 Prague_ photo post16

I’m going back to Prague again in May (again for work: I love my job! :p) and I can’t wait to see how fresh it looks in the Spring! đŸ™‚

LittleWelsh x


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