TED Talk Thursday: Street art with a message of hope and peace

I wasn’t going to blog today, but then I discovered this talk by eL Seed over at TED.com. The video above shows how the Parisian born- Tunisian heritage “calligraffiti” artist creates stunning artworks all over the world. The flowing script of Arabic calligraphy is brought to life with the bold colours and prominent placement you would expect from graffiti artists (the proper ones, not the ones who proudly scrawl “Daz was here 2k15” in permanent marker on the pavement).

What struck me in this video, and compelled me to share it here, was the simple idea that language didn’t matter. eL Seed claims that he chooses Arabic and writes it in a style in which even native speakers struggle to understand. The words themselves become meaningless as everyone stops together to appreciate the beauty of their form. And in that mutual not understanding, he explains so eloquently, there is a shared peace.

This project appealed to my inner linguaphile, but I also see it as a refreshing buffer to the grim reality we face every time we open a newspaper. eL Seed is promoting a message of hope and peace, and it’s worth noting that he isn’t shouting, bullying or manipulating others to make his point. This is true beauty; this is what we should be sending viral on the Internet.

Little Welsh x


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