Isn’t this picture beautiful? I love the way the grass is bowing to the gentle breeze; yielding in waves that make it look like a yellow sea. You could be forgiven for thinking that Eva Cassidy wrote her hauntingly beautiful lyrics to Fields of Gold whilst brushing her fingertips against the pale fronds here. Except she probably never visited this particular scene in Oxfordshire, because it’s in the middle of flipping nowhere (though the canny, or local, amongst you may recognise the somewhat famous cooling towers in the distance, breaking up the horizon).

After a jetsetting few months- some work and some play- I’m really looking forward to spending some time this summer exploring our Great British isles. I want to savour back garden barbecues with good friends. I want to go camping locally and laugh as I listen to the collective grumbles at having to take off jeans and jumpers horizontally in six square feet of lurid green nylon dome (in the dark, in order to avoid inadvertent 18+ shadow puppet theatre!). I want to have waterfights and late nights in pub beer gardens. Yes, a staycation is in order. Some real R&R with those I hold closest and dearest. Lovely jubbly.

This weekend Mr LW and I went for “some fresh air”; a gentle walk along the river which evolved into a 10km cross country ramble. We talked about our future, bouncing ideas off one another and devising some pretty exciting plans! I love to walk and plan; there’s something about the exercise that clears the brain clutter and makes space for the little seedlings of creativity to take root.

I’ve just completed an eight-week mindfulness course courtesy of the company I work for  and so, fresh out of the class, I was excited to be “in” this moment above.

I feel very lucky to have this greenery on my doorstep (give or take 10k and having to sidestep a police-like tape cordon labelled “BEWARE: VERY ANGRY WASPS!) and to have the ability to get out and enjoy it. I did not feel lucky, however, the next day when my leg muscles realised what we’d been up to!

Do you have any local beauty spots that make you stop and appreciate the moment? Please do share if you do!

LittleWelsh x


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