What’s the big idea?!

It’s a risky move to begin a blog with a “manifesto”; but I promise I won’t claim to know anything about politics, or to know any of the answers to the worlds biggest problems. I’m a simple gal, with big dreams of everyone waking up in the morning with a smile on their face. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference, and if we can rally together and focus on the positive, well- those little things may just add up.

We live our lives divided and categorised by race, gender, sexuality, social class, religion…As technology roots itself more and more firmly in our cultural identity somehow we end up communicating less or, at least, less meaningfully.

The media demonises those who are different to us, and we perpetuate this through sharing misinformation on social media and mindlessly parroting tabloid headlines. We turn like a pack against entire subdivisions of society because TV documentaries tell us they are laughing at us, taking advantage of our good natures and showing no remorse for destroying this would-be utopia that we (as the “good, honest citizens”) have created. Sound familiar?

The media is so hell bent on the sensationalism that we have been conditioned to crave that we often forget just how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

Whether you are a TV evangelist or an ardent atheist; gay or straight; male or female; black, white or any colour in between; wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t matter? Wouldn’t it be incredible if we didn’t judge people on anything other than their individual merits and stopped letting the vulgar, outspoken minority stand as representatives for the rest of us? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all just a bit nicer to each other? We’re all human, after all.

We all wake to the rise of the same sun and go to bed under the same blanket of stars; deep down, we’re not that different. The differences that there are should be championed, but for the sake of enriching us all rather than judging as better or worse than another.

How can we challenge these negative stereotypes in a positive, productive way? I know a bit about communication- as a speaker of three languages I can see how open people are to share their stories if you just take the time to ask. Our world is a rich tapestry of exciting cultures and languages; how wonderful would it be if we could celebrate our differences rather than fighting to be the Alpha all the time? I’m painfully aware of the horrific injustices still being fought around the world, and it would be insincere to pretend they didn’t exist, but I’m suggesting that we also take the time to create our own headlines. To shout about the good news.

Explore. Learn. Inspire.

We need to take into consideration that the world is, inherently, a beautiful place that we are just renting for a little while.

The languages we speak facilitate communication, but also hold roots that give us an insight into where we have come from and, perhaps, where we are going.

People, too, can be pretty awe inspiring. Lets see what they have to teach us when we take the time to listen.

Let’s take the time to appreciate all these things and build a global community that acknowledges differences as varying cuts of the same gemstone. Let’s be positive role models for future generations by learning, sharing, and playing nice.

Rightly or Leftly: we’re all in this together.


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